A great mentor will double your musical progress


Here is a story about my musical journey.

Do I really have enough talent?

When I was 18 years old, I wanted to be a better musician and I wanted to play like my heroes: Miles Davis, Bill Evans and Cannonball Adderley. I wanted to progress fast, and the faster the better.

I already played for a few years, but if I am honest with myself, I didn’t really progress. I was playing the same things over and over and I wasn’t learning anything new. I started to doubt myself: “Do I really have enough musical talent?”

The mentor-protégé relationship

Suddenly, I realized that without any guidance I was going to waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge and practice from various sources.

I took the big leap and I decided to search for a mentor-protégé relationship, simply said, I took weekly lessons from a teacher.

My teacher was 20 years ahead in his jazz journey compared to mine, and knew where to focus my attention. Instead of searching for information and fooling around, I threw myself at the assignments my teacher gave me every week. And after three years, my music teacher complimented me and told me I was one of his most talented students. Was that really me?

Looking back, I realized that it was not my talent, but it was my mentor pushing me every week in the right direction. That’s really what made the difference.

You require a mentor as well

Life is short and you only have so much energy and time to expend. You can learn through books, your own experience or the occasional advice from others, but the process is unreliable and slow.

Mentors do not give you a shortcut, but they streamline the process, making your music practice more efficient. What took you ten years learning on your own could have been done in five with proper direction.

Let us streamline your musical journey

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